A kibbutz in Falun with Kaj Schueler

Article publié le 29 September 2020

Kaj Schueler’s mother hardly ever spoke of his upbringing, and when she died he began a journey of discovery into his past. Ruth Herz was born to Jewish parents in Bingen, Germany and arrived in Sweden in January 1939. Along with a group of other young Jews, she founded a kibbutz in Hälsinggården in Dalarna where they dreamed of emigrating to Palestine.

Schueler is a journalist and literary critic. Among others, he was cultural director at Svenska Dagbladet and wrote the books Flykten från Berlin 1942 (2008) and Torgny om Lindgren (2013). A Kibbutz in Falun will be released in the fall of 2020.

During the fall, the Jewish Museum invites to a series of conversations with authors who have portrayed different aspects of Swedish Jewish history, both personally and politically. The moderator is the director of the Christina Gamstorp museum. Interviews are conducted with a limited number of places and are included in the regular museum admission. Register by sending an email to bokning@judiskamuseet.se to make sure you get a spot.

Jewish Museum in Stockholm, Själagårdsgatan 19, 111 31 Stockholm

Autumn 2020