Jewish trips – Jewish routes

Article publié le 29 September 2020

Six short chapters in which the theme of Jewish itineraries is declined in different ways: inspiring journeys, journeys for trade, pilgrimages, but also journeys of escape, exile and diaspora.
Traveling from one place to another – physically, spiritually, or emotionally – prepares people for a path of transition. The odyssey of the Jews does not begin with a physical step but with a concept: there is only one Infinite Spirit.

The Jewish Odyssey created continuous openings that allowed us to redefine who to be, what to learn and share, and where to go.

A city tour: Jewish Bologna organized by Vincenza Maugeri and Caterina Quareni

Suggestive shots, ancient views, artistic imaginaries are the starting point of a journey through places that still tell today the story of the Jews of Bologna which began more than seven centuries ago and which of Jewish Bologna one of the city’s most interesting tourist and cultural routes.

Jewish Museum of Bologna, Via Valdonica, 1/5, 40126 Bologna

+39 (0)51 291 1280

Until Oct 18, 2020