Symcha Trachter : light and color

Article publié le 29 September 2020

This exhibition summarizes two years of research into the life and work of one of the most remarkable Polish painters of the interwar period, who died in Treblinka. After the 1930 exhibition at the Jewish Society for the Promotion of Fine Arts, this is the second complete presentation of this artist’s work.
The authors of the exhibition look at Trachter’s work and life through the prism of the places where the artist worked and which shaped his personality and his painting. The most important of these was Lublin, where the artist was born. There, Trachter took his first steps as a painter, there he shaped and developed his career. He returned to Lublin after his European travels. He studied in Warsaw, Krakow, Vienna and Paris. He has taken part in numerous plein-airs and exhibitions at Kazimierz Dolny. His paintings, especially those from the 1930s, have an original and very expressive style.

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, ul. Tłomackie 3/5, 00–090 Warsaw

Aug 27th, 2020 – Oct 25th, 2020