Szancer, Imagine!

Article publié le 29 September 2020

The Jewish Museum of Galicia opens the door to the imagination! The analogue exhibition invites you to discover the world of the works of the illustrious Polish Jewish illustrator, Jan Marcin Szancer, on whose drawings generations of children and young people were brought up.

In the illustration for Polish children, Jan Marcin Szancer is an institution-man, known to all who grew up on the poems of Tuwim and Brzechwa, read the adventures of Mr. Kleks or grew up with the heroes of fairy tales of Andersen. If the designer is best known for his colorful illustrations in a magical atmosphere, his biography, marked by two world wars and anti-Jewish repressions, is far from being a fairy tale.

We invite our guests into the world of Szancer: first little Johnny, who is just learning to draw, then the elder Janek, who takes his first steps on the path of his illustration career, and finally the respectable Mr. Jan, who – despite difficult experiences – has not lost her child’s imagination even as an adult.

In addition to several dozen of the most important and beautiful of the thousands of drawings by Jan Marcin Szancer, the exhibition also includes installations specially prepared for the exhibition: a double-bottom cabinet, a locomotive with a whistle, or a wall of dreads. invisible! Thanks to such scenography, visitors can feel like the heroes of a fairy tale based on important events in the life of the designer and exercise their imagination with him.

In its base layer, the exhibit is aimed at children, but it will also have a second narrative line, aimed at adult viewers. It covers the history of Szancer and the complicated and dramatic experiences of Polish Jews in the 20th century.

Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18, 31-052 Krakow