“Yossel of Rosheim, between the unique and the universal” exhibition

Article publié le 21 October 2020

Exhibition composed of about twenty illustrated panels, it relates the life and work of Yossel de Rosheim (1478-1554), representative elected by all the Jews of the Holy Roman Empire to the cities, the Princes, the Emperor , in their historical, intellectual and religious context.
This pivotal period of the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe saw the emergence of the Reformation and Rhine Humanism, the peasant wars as well as the persecution of the Jews. Yossel de Rosheim will fight to allow them to live, or rather to survive.

Musée Judéo-Alsacien de Bouxwiller
62a Grand-rue, 67330 Bouxwiller
June 28, 2020 – Nov 15, 2020