Donations from Claire Maratier and Lydie Lachenal. The School of Paris in the collections of the mahJ

Article publié le 11 April 2021

Until January 2, 2022

The mahJ presents a hanging of works from its collections offered by two great collectors, daughters of the painters of the School of Paris, Michel Kikoïne and Léon Weissberg.

Daughter of the painter Michel Kikoïne (1892-1968), Claire Maratier (1915-2013) grew up in La Ruche, where her father’s studio is located, surrounded by artists who, like him, are mostly Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. His donations to the mahJ have helped build a remarkable collection of works by artists from the School of Paris. She is also the creator of the Pro mahJ foundation, which, since 2003, supports the activities of the museum.