“Works on Paper” by Galila Hollander-Barzilaï

Article publié le 5 September 2021

Exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Belgium

“Works on Paper” offers an incursion into the teeming universe of Galila Hollander-Barzilaï, a Belgian collector born in Tel Aviv. For the past fifteen years, this extraordinary personality has been assembling works of contemporary art in a collection that tells the story of her own life: the works she has assembled reveal a compelling desire to reinvent herself.

The exhibition offers a clear cut through this plethora of works on paper. Visitors discover how international artists (Jonathan Callan, Jae Ko, Anish Kapoor, William Klein, Angela Glajcar, Andrea Wolfensberger, Brian Dettmer, Haegue Yang and others) reinvent this everyday, commonplace material into unexpectedly powerful art objects. Collages, sculptures, inscriptions, installations and jewellery are all on display, reminding us of the collector’s ex-centric personality, but also offering a reflection on the art of diversion. The work on paper here is like a kingdom of diversion, where each work plays with our perception as well as our judgments.

September 17th, 2021 – February 13th, 2022