Copenhagen Culture Night

Article publié le 9 September 2021

This year’s Copenhagen Culture Night will be something very special! For the first time we don’t have a museum you can visit, but that shouldn’t stop us from offering many different and exciting activities – both on land and at sea.

A very special fact is that the fishing cutter Elisabeth docks at Den Sorte Diamant. Elisabeth was one of the many fishing cutters that, under the cover of dark October nights, transported Danish Jews to safety in Sweden. For most of the evening we will be talking about the dramatic rescue operation known as the Light in the Dark.

On the forecourt in front of the museum, we will offer presentations throughout the evening about the beautiful new building that is taking shape, as well as what it really means for the exhibition inside the museum itself, and what reflections the star architect Daniel Libeskind made when he had to design our beautiful new entrance.

If you’re on a harbour bus between Den Sorte Diamant and Tolboden, then you may be in luck and get a quick introduction from one of our trained communicators. As something completely new, they will be available and tell a dramatic chapter in Danish and world history; namely, the Jewish action in October 1943.

15 October 2021