Our Courage. Jews in Europe 1945-1948

Article publié le 9 September 2021

The Jewish Museum Frankfurt opens its second temporary exhibition.

“Our Courage” is the first exhibition to explore the post-war Jewish experience of flight, expulsion, insurance and reconstruction from a pan-European and transnational perspective.

In 1933 there were about 10 million Jews in Europe and the Soviet Union. About 3.5 million survived the years of National Socialist disenfranchisement, persecution and murder. For decades, what happened to them immediately after the end of the war and how they shaped their lives after survival was neither researched nor publicly discussed. The exhibition “Our Courage” would like to change that. It is based on a multi-year research project on the living situation of Jews in selected places in Central Europe, which the Jewish Museum in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture is carrying out. Based on these research findings, the exhibition emphasises that the Jewish survivors were not a homogeneous group of passive victims, but rather organised themselves and actively shaped their lives to a large extent in the immediate post-war period. The title of the exhibition “Our Courage” underlines this creative impulse; it refers to a Yiddish partisan song from 1943 as well as to the name of the first camp newspaper in Zeilsheim DP in Frankfurt.

Since August 30th, 2021