Train 14 166

Article publié le 9 September 2021

Exhibition at the Montluc Memorial

On 11 August 1944, ten passenger carriages left the Lyon Perrache station for the Paris transit camps. On board, about 650 Resistance prisoners, Jews, hostages, rounded up, most of them taken from the cells of the Montluc prison. Following sabotage by the Resistance and Allied bombings, the train found itself unable to reach Paris and this simple transfer of prisoners was transformed into a deportation convoy bound for the camps of Natzweiler, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Train 14 166 left Lyon only two weeks before the liberation of Montluc prison. It then became the symbol of a repression that was exercised and intensified until the end of the Occupation. 43 years later, the constitution of the convoy is one of the five charges brought against Klaus Barbie during his trial for crimes against humanity in 1987 in Lyon.


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