Inauguration of memorial creations

Article publié le 10 August 2022

December 9, 2022

The Deportations Memorial is inaugurating two new memorial and artistic creations on the Resistance to the Nazi occupiers and the Vichy government, as well as to the hell of the concentration camp system: an “Exhibition Resistance fighters, a forgotten generation”, and an immersive audiovisual artistic creation, “Resist”. To act of resistance as early as 1940 when one is 20 years old and to accept to take all the risks at the risk of one’s life invite us to question ourselves on their motivation, their attitude in front of the danger, the physical and moral sufferings. These two memorial and artistic productions were conceived from a photographic and audiovisual series imagined and realized in 2011 by Sand Arty.

Mémorial des Déportations

1 Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille