Presentation of the book « Rosalia Poropat, from Auschwitz to Ravensbruck »

Article publié le 7 February 2023

14 February 2023 at the Carlo and Vera Wagner Museum

A presentation that will take place in the presence of Dunja Nanut (President of ANED Trieste), Franco Cecotti (Vice President of ANED Trieste), Tristano Matta (historian) and Michelle Visentini (great-granddaughter of Rosalia Poropat). A reconstruction of Rosalia Poropat’s story is carried out, from her arrest in her town of Dane, her incarceration in the prison of Trieste and her deportation to Auschwitz and then Ravensbruck. There she wrote the names of 51 fellow prisoners on a roll of paper during forced labour at Siemens. The scroll is now in the Risiera di San Sabba Museum.