“Ginette Kolinka, itinerary of an Auschwitz survivor” exhibition

Article publié le 28 November 2023

Until 28 January 2024 at the Drancy Shoah Memorial

Ginette Kolinka bears witness and accompanies groups of schoolchildren to Auschwitz, where she was deported at the age of 19. She was deported with her father, brother and nephew, who were all murdered there. Following a visit to Birkenau in October 2020, in the company of journalist Victor Matet and cartoonist Jean-David Morvan, an album will be published, “Adieu Birkenau”, recounting her life before, during and after the Shoah. The exhibition highlights each of these stages, presenting documents from the period. The courage and determination of Ginette Kolinka and other survivors has made it possible to pass on the memory of the Shoah to different generations and to combat Holocaust denial.

Exposition Ginette Kolinka, itinéraire d’une survivante d’Auschwitz – Mémorial de la Shoah de Drancy Mémorial de la Shoah de Drancy (memorialdelashoah.org)