Dia(s)porama – looks at international Jewish cinema

Article publié le 7 January 2024

From 18 January to 4 February 2024 in Angers and Nantes

Can we laugh at everything and with everyone? These questions posed by comedian Pierre Desproges are not easy to answer. It is one of the oldest challenges of Jewish humour, which has known how to laugh at everything. The only condition for this to be effective is that the intention should be to uplift the audience and not to stoop to clichés. The film “Who’s Afraid of Jewish Humour?” presents some of the major figures in this art form, such as Lenny Bruce, Ephraim Kishon and Mel Brooks. And other movies such as “My Neighbour Adolf” and “El Amor en Su Lugar” go very far in confronting these questions. You’ll be able to find out more in Nantes and Angers as part of the Dia(s)porama Festival.

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