Dia(s)porama – looks at international Jewish cinema

Article publié le 7 January 2024

From 22 January to 5 February 2024 at the Escurial and the Espace Rachi

Following the success of its previous editions, the Dia(s)porama Festival is back for a fourth season, taking place in all six corners of France. Several Parisian venues are taking part, offering a very wide variety of choices. At L’Escurial will be screened, “The Last of the Jews”, “Paris Boutique”, “IMordecai”, “The Forger”, “Little Town”, “My Neighbor Adolf” and “El Amor en su lugar”. At the Espace Rachi, spectators will be able to see “Shoshana”, “The Dybbuk”, “Reckonings”, “La Dalkavo Ora”, “The Art of Silence”, “Who’s Afraid of Jewish Humor”, “The Torn Letters” and “Marcus Klingberg, a Pure Spy”.

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