Musical reading-performance “Mannequins”

Article publié le 8 January 2024

3 February 2024 at the Maison de la culture yiddish

This reading-performance is based on a work by Debora Vogel, translated by Batia Baum and published in a bilingual edition in 2023. It is presented as part of the “Paris-Berlin, a link for the Yiddish diaspora” season. The poet Debora Vogel (1900-1942) was an important representative of Yiddish and Polish modernism, murdered in the Lwow ghetto. The readings will be given by Karolina Szymaniak and Talila. Music by Nicolas Dupin and Bastien Hartmann.

Lecture-performance en musique : “Mannequins”, de Debora Vogel, en hommage à Batia Baum (en présentiel) –