Exhibition “Het Onderwater Cabaret”

Article publié le 16 January 2024

From 9 February to 26 May 2024 at the Galerie Eric F. Ross

This exhibition highlights the work of German-Jewish author Curt Bloch, written between August 1943 and April 1945 while in hiding in the Netherlands. His poems, written in Dutch and German, were collected together in a booklet, dealing with the war and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, but also with the attitude of the collaborators and the daily danger faced by the Jews, followed by the advance of the Allied troops leading to victory. In this work, he did not shy away from ridiculing the Nazi leaders. His poems are read and performed on stage by actors Marina Frenk, Richard Gonlag and Mathias Schäfer.

“My verses are like dynamite” | Jewish Museum Berlin (jmberlin.de)