Sholem Aleykhem, 108th anniversary of his death

Article publié le 18 March 2024

18 May 2024 at 4.30pm at the House of Yiddish Culture

The famous Yiddish author asked his children to get together on each anniversary of his death to read aloud some of his funniest texts, as a way of sharing his work with joy, even in his absence. It’s a wish shared by the House of Yiddish Culture. Excerpts from Tevye le laitier will be read, and the short story from Les Gens de Kasrilevke will be staged, with actors Annick Prime-Margules, Laurence Fisbein and Michel Fisbein.

Sholem-Aleykhem, 108e anniversaire de sa mort (en yiddish et français, en présentiel) –