Exhibition “The Uncanny: Sigmund Freud and Art”

Article publié le 25 March 2024

From 26 April to 4 November 2024 at the Sigmund Freud Museum

This exhibition takes up the complex challenge of unravelling the links between psychoanalysis and art, notably through the works of Louise Bourgeois, Heidi Bucher, Gregory Crewdson, Robert Gober, Birgit Jürgensen, Hans Op de Beek, Markus Schinwald, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall, Kai Walkowiak and Francesca Woodman. How the particular feeling of anxiety appears in human consciousness and in artworks, and is then perceived in society. As early as 1919, Freud wrote on this subject, showing how poetic works contained many levels of reading, revealing in particular the share of anxiety in the author and the reader.

THE UNCANNY. Sigmund Freud and Art – www.freud-museum.at/en