European Days of Jewish Culture / European Days of Jewish Culture 2024


While you’re waiting to sing and dance to klezmer at the Berne Jewish Museum during the European Days of Jewish Culture, check out the program for September 1, as well as a surprising anecdote about Jewish cultural heritage, told by Jacob Guzman, historian and active member of Berne’s Jewish community.

Outside view of the synagogue of Bern
Synagogue of Bern. Photo by Janz – Wikipedia

Jguideeurope: What events are organized for the European Days of Jewish Culture?

Jacob Guzman: The Days of Jewish Culture, this year on September 1, have a traditional structure in Berne. The event is attended more by non-Jews than by members of the community. This year’s theme is the family. So there will be a talk on this theme, probably also on the sharing of roles and equality between men and women. Then there’s always a concert of Jewish music, possibly Klezmer. The program has not yet been published, and changes are possible in the meantime.

Are there any other events planned for 2024-5?

Guided tours of the Synagogue are organized throughout the year, accompanied by a talk on Jewish life.

Which of Bern’s Jewish cultural heritage sites do you think deserves to be better known?

The Swiss Parliament is partly built on land that belonged to the Jewish community in the Middle Ages. In front of the entrance to the east wing of the building, there’s a commemorative plaque that tells the story of this community, with maps and photos.