European Days of Jewish Culture / European Days of Jewish Culture 2024


The Iberian paths of Red de Juderias are celebrating their 30th anniversary and developing numerous cultural and tourist projects. Despite the post-October 7 climate, they are all the more motivated to continue sharing their Jewish cultural heritage. Interview with its director, Marta Puig Quixal.

Cooking event organized in Cordoba

Jguideeurope: Which events are organized by Caminos de Sefarad in 2024-5?

Marta Puig Quixal: We are facing 2 challenging years ahead. 2025 will mark the 30th anniversary of Red de Juderías and the 10th anniversary of the Spanish Citizenship for Sephardics Law. Many activities, exhibits and institutional work are done around both events.

On the short term we are working closely with Rede de Judiarias de Portugal to strengthen our collaboration and start new projects. We just launched a 100% touristic website to help visitors to easily organize their trips. Red de Juderías has been recently awarded with European Funds to develop touristic experiences for our destinations. 

Furthermore, many cultural and educational programs are scheduled. We’re participating in the European Days of the Jewish Culture, programs prepared for high schools, a new exhibit on “The golden age of the Andalusian Jews” or our new book published “Gastrosymbology”, trying to translate the messages hidden in the recipes.

How many cultural routes are proposed?

We have 21 destinations, organized in 6 roots, Galician Route, Northern Route, Castilian Route, Mediterranean Route, Extremadura Route and Andalusian Route. At the same time, we are working on adding special interesting spots visitors should not missed. We will place this new information on the touristic website.

Celebration of Hanukah by children preparing a sevivon

Can you share an emotional moment or encounter related to the educational projects you’re involved in?

I have shared many moments with foreign students visiting our heritage in Spain. Young people are suffering again what they should have never experienced: fear. We have to fight harder against antisemitism. We can’t share or publish the activities for security reasons, especially when students and minors are involved. It is hard for the Spanish non-Jewish students to know how Jews feel in such circumstances.

Have you perceived an evolution recently in the perception and interest related to Spanish Jewish heritage?

Spanish Jewish heritage is living a golden age, especially for the last 5-8 years. Any project is met with a success of followers, and we are asked to be part of many cultural events, which was more the result of our initiatives before. Many new cities are interested in becoming part of our project. Many cultural groups are too, including Sephardic programs. Many national and international visitors are interested in our routes. We are experiencing this besides everything going on lately. Besides the political situation. Besides the haters no matter what you publish online. Besides the fear of supporting Jewish-related programs from key collaborators. We were really worried after Oct 7th but this big wave cannot be stopped. We have one of the greatest stories to tell and an incredible material and immaterial heritage. None of our social networks have done anything but increase followers.

Logo of Caminos de Sefarad