European Days of Jewish Culture / European Days of Jewish Culture 2024


This year, the Tarbut Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary. A wonderful project sharing Sighet’s Jewish culture with different generations of Romanians. Interview with Peninah Zilberman, founder and director of Tarbut.

Jguideeurope: Which event will open the European Days of Jewish Culture this year?

Peninah Zilberman: With Tarbut, we’ll organize many events. Among them: a Jewish family culinary session- challah baking, a session about the Jewish calendar, Biblical Holidays and General Holidays, as well as Life Cycle Celebrations.

What are the other events organized?

Last year, Tarbut was part of 5 countries that received a grant to promote EDJC events across the country. Therefore, we hope to continue in as many as possible locations. You can read more about it on our website.

How did you celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tarbut?

As a beginning we re-did our logo and updated our website. Hopefully, if things get better internationally, we will organize a big Gathering in May 2025, hoping to welcome many of those who came and participated on the first Gathering. We did have 10 survivors who attended. However, all have died, but hopefully their children and grandchildren will come and continue sharing our cultural heritage.