Bulgaria / Bulgarian Plains


Synagogue of Plovdiv ©flickr Leon Yaakov

The Zion Synagogue dates from the nineteenth century.

It is still active, but only a small minority of 300 to 400 Jewish inhabitants are still practicing.

Restored in 2003, the synagogue is adorned with a delightful Venetian-glass chandelier and a richly decorated dome.

In the surrounding area, traces of what was once a sizable Jewish quarter can still be found today. This  includes Stars of David which are engraved on certain gates.

Little terrace outside the synagogue of Plovdiv with a memorial on a wall
Synagogue of Plovdiv. Photo by Yossi Nevo – Wikipedia

The Jewish presence in Plovdiv probably dates from the 3rd century, when the oldest synagogue in the country was built. 3000 Jews lived in Plovdiv in 1912. This figure rose to more than 6000 on the eve of the Second World War.

A monument was built by the Jewish community of Plovdiv to thank the city for its courage during the Second World War. Many intercultural events are celebrated and shared in Plovdiv.