Presented by Metin Delevi at the Grand Edirne synagogue, this exhibition tells the story of Turkish Jewish cultural heritage during this period. Numerous documents and photos are on display.


28 May 2024 at 6.30pm at the CIG

This presentation is given as part of the ‘Let’s talk literature’ reading circle. It is inspired by essays by the influential intellectual André Neher: ‘Faust and the Maharal of Prague: myth and reality’ and ‘David Gans: 1541-1613, disciple of the Maharal, assistant to Tycho Brahe and Jean Kepler’. The event will be presented by Philippe Zabey.

Cercle de lecture “Parlons littérature” – Communauté Israélite de Genève (

Until 29 September 2024 at the Jewish Museum Amsterdam

The museum is transforming one of its rooms to host this astonishing exhibition that plays with the boundary between theatre and real life. Video extracts from the time when the young artist, who was murdered during the Shoah, lived are interspersed with photos of her work, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in pre-war Berlin and understand the influence of those years on Salomon’s work, as well as the beauty of her art.  

Exhibition Charlotte Salomon in Close-up |… | Jewish Cultural Quarter (

8 June at 2.30pm

Organised by the Musée National de la Résistance et des Droits Humains (National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights), this route of remembrance allows visitors to discover the places of remembrance erected in Esch to recall the dark hours of the Occupation and commemorate the victims of Nazism. Among the sites visited are the museum, the synagogue and Esch town hall.

At the Vilna Gaon Museum

This exhibition, dedicated to Kazys Morkunas, presents his stained glass windows and allows visitors to appreciate the reflections and highlights of the colours by the sun’s rays and their varying power and position. Two Stars of David, created by the artist at the beginning of the 21st century, are among the museum’s major pieces. As early as 1953, Morkunas was one of the first Lithuanian artists to experiment with the technique of fusing layers of stained glass. In 1981, he created a 180 m2 work decorating a room in the national parliament.

Exhibit of the month – Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History (

Until 9 June 2024 at the Museo Risiera di San Sabba

This exhibition, created after lengthy research, began on the 80th anniversary of the first convoys leaving Trieste. It presents the first political deportations and then those of Italian Jews, showing the places where Italian Jews were deported, with the help of photos and maps. A journey illustrated by the stories of the victims and their executioners.

7 December 1943 Destination Camp – Museo Ebraico di Trieste (

Until 27 October 2024 at the Jewish Museum in Venice

The Jewish Ghetto of Venice is hosting an exhibition on the themes of migration and encounters with others. This theme inspired ten international artists to exhibit their work in three different locations in Italy’s oldest ghetto. The artists on show are Jonathan Prince, Amit Berman, Elisheva Reva, Flora Temnouche, Danny Avidan, Lucas and Tyra Morten, Lihi Turjeman, Debra Werblud, Laure Prouvost and Yael Toren.

I confini dell’alterità – The contours of otherness – Ghetto Venezia

Until 24 June 2024 at the Jewish Museum in Rome

This exhibition examines the fascinating character of Esther, who influenced novels, films on both sides of the Atlantic, plays and musicals. Various megiloth are presented, including astonishing miniature versions. Works from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings refer to Esther, such as those by Michelangelo Buonarroti and Jacopo del Sellaio. The central role of women in historical works and the moral and physical redemption of the Jewish people are among the themes explored. 

Beautiful Ester – Jewish Museum of Rome (

Until 6 October 2024 at MEIS

The MEIS, which offers a fascinating presentation of Italy’s ancient Jewish history, is inaugurating a space dedicated to contemporary history, with the challenge of sharing the diversity of Jewish life in the 20th century. The exhibition looks at political issues such as access to citizenship in modern Italy, the racial laws of 1938 and the Shoah. But also the people who contributed to the history and culture of the country. All this, thanks to a wealth of archive documents and multimedia sharing.

Jews in Twentieth-Century Italy – MEIS

The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness of this history, particularly in Italy, a country with close ties to Rhodes at the time. It is being held to mark the 80th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews of Rhodes. The project comprises two complementary elements: a participatory installation and a web portal. The first will be exhibited at the Shoah Memorial in Milan from 10 May to 2 September 2024. Among the activities organised to mark the occasion, on 27 May the Nefesh trio will take the public on a musical journey through the traditions of Rhodes.

Juifs de Rhodes. Éclipse d’une communauté 1944 – 2024 : recherche sur la déportation de la communauté juive de Rhodes – CDEC – Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea

This exhibition, co-organised with the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy, the Jewish community of Thessaloniki and the G. Konstantinidis archives, celebrates the coexistence of the two communities, Jewish and Christian. It also recalls the dark hours of the Shoah, when the Jewish community lost the vast majority of its members. Greece’s political leaders have associated themselves with this memorial initiative and the importance of highlighting Thessaloniki’s Jewish cultural heritage.

«Στην ίδια πόλη: Χριστιανοί και Εβραίοι στη Θεσσαλονίκη» (

The Ministry of Culture has made a long-term loan to the museum to enable it to display sculptures and stelae of great importance, marking the antiquity of the Jewish presence in Greece, dating back at least 2,300 years, as evidenced by a sculpture of a menorah with a lulav. The exhibition is accompanied by photos and documents recounting the many aspects of Jewish life in ancient times.

Current Exhibition – Jewishmuseum

Until December 2024

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the museum, which was born out of a desire to highlight Spain’s Jewish cultural heritage. By bearing witness to the ancient Jewish presence and the beautiful coexistence with other cultures. As well as its influence on the Sephardic diaspora. Documents, photos and archives tell this story, as well as that of the building that houses it today in Toledo.

Exposición “Revelando el olvido. 60 años de memoria en el Museo Sefardí” – Museo Sefardí – Sinagoga del Tránsito | Ministerio de Cultura

28 May 2024 at 2pm at the Danish Jewish Museum

The academic Nancy Segal presents her book, published in 2023, recounting the painful life of two twins in Auschwitz, victims of the experiments carried out by the infamous Mengele. What happened to them, but also their efforts to bring the Nazi torturer to justice.

The Twin Children of the Holocaust: The Humanity Behind the Horror – jewmus 

16 June 2024 at 2pm

The CCLJ and the Maison de la Culture Juive regularly organise tours of Brussels neighbourhoods to share the past and present of Jewish life, whether in working-class or upmarket districts. This time, it’s the residential district of Uccle, with a very long-standing Jewish presence, as evidenced by the cemetery near the Dieweg. There are currently two Sephardic synagogues in the district.

Uccle la Juive – CCLJ

7 July 2024, 10 to 11 am

This guided tour will introduce you to the museum and its exhibits. But also the old Jewish quarter, with its buildings that housed a synagogue, a Jewish school, a mikveh and a social centre. Most of these buildings have been renovated with the support of the local authorities.

Permanent Exhibition and Jewish Quarter | Jüdisches Museum Hohenems (

Until 6 January 2025 at the Manchester Jewish Museum

To celebrate 150 years, many photos and objects are on display. These include 14 objects from the museum’s collection. The Manchester Jewish Museum, which opened in 1984, is housed in the city’s former Spanish and Portuguese synagogue. The synagogue was opened in 1874 as a result of the growing Sephardic Jewish population in Manchester. It has since been restored and forms an integral part of the permanent exhibition.

Until 30 July 2024 at the West London Synagogue

The Jewish Museum of London is moving its collections to share the works and stories of the Jewish community. On display at the synagogue is a series of photographs entitled ‘No place like home’ by award-winning photographer Judah Passow. These were exhibited at the museum in 2012. A stunning series of images of English Jewish life, in the synagogue, at the beach, in the streets, or this amusing character lying on the ground with a sign in English and Hebrew saying that ‘everything will be fine’.

Museum on the Move: West London Synagogue – Contemporary Judaism – The Jewish Museum London

On 27 June 2024

Impressive and original musical encounters are planned to herald the summer. The great Senegalese kora player Kadialy Kouyate and the celebrated klezmer accordionist Josh Middleton join forces for a unique collaboration, blending their styles and inspirations. Next up is the quartet of Israeli singer and dancer Noga Ritter, with music inspired by Hebrew jazz and grooves from around the world.

The Big Mix 2024 – Jewish Music Institute (

From 18 to 23 August 2024

This year, experienced artists will be joining forces with teachers to share their enthusiasm for klezmer in a variety of ways. Everyone learning, playing and sharing at their own pace and level. In small ensembles of artists specially created for the occasion. Although a certain level of instrumental playing is required. It’s time to klezmerise your summer…

Klezfest 2024 – Learn, Play and Perform Klezmer – Jewish Music Institute (

21 May 2024 at 7pm, at the Rashi Institute

In the 1940s, the New York students and musicians who would become the great artists and writers of the following decade, such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, met in cafés to share poetry and jazz sessions. On 21 May, the Rashi Institute offers you a wonderful evening combining poetry and music. Around the works of great 20th century women poets, inspired by Jewish culture. They will be read by Odile Cohen and Laurent Natrella, with musical accompaniment by Nathan Kuperminc. The evening is presented by Gérard Rabinovitch, philosopher, Vice-President of the Rashi Institute and Director of the Emmanuel Levinas Institute-AIU. Therefore, you’re just a few notes and words away from happiness…

Registration at 03 10 95 30 07 ou contact@institut-rachi

16 June 2024 at the Espace Rachi – Guy de Rothschild

Dancing again, singing again, sharing culture and laughter, references and memories. A long and wonderful day awaits you, with klezmer dance workshops, meetings and conferences, including association stands. There will also be book signings and a round-table discussion moderated by Lise Amiel-Gutmann. And to convince you, a klezmer dance by the Kalarash ensemble will get you in the mood from the start of the day at 11am, followed by the Jacinta’s Zingers Choir…

Festival des Cultures Juives – « Paroles en fête » – Festival des Cultures Juives

23 May 2024 at the Espace Rachi – Guy de Rothschild

A famous photo of Golda Meir’s government showed her more than 50 years ago, surrounded only by men. Times change, but it was already an honour for Israel to be among the first democratic countries to be headed by a woman. Author Rachel Khan, who is deeply committed to fighting discrimination and defending republican values, will read extracts from Golda Meir’s two autobiographical books. Two women, two eras, two struggles, and a chance to share them with the public on 23 May.

Centre d’Art et de Culture Juive – Rachel Khan lit Golda Meir – Centre d’Art et de Culture Juive (

From 1 June to 16 September 2024 at Musée national Marc Chagall

From his native shtetl to the great cities of today’s world, Marc Chagall has lived through the ages. He lived through great encounters in artistic hives where Bohemian influences buzzed, then by sharing his work on the stained-glass windows of a hospital in Jerusalem and a cathedral in Metz. Or, looking up at the world from the ceiling of the Opéra de Paris, a man who was already old but as curious as ever. But he also confronted the violence of man and the limits crossed by executioners from generation to generation. These traces are also present in his work and are presented in this exhibition.

Chagall politique, Le Cri de liberté | Musée National Marc Chagall (

5 June 2024 at the Centre Fleg

The four-piece group Lola will be covering the great hits of French pop rock to celebrate the return of spring in an evening of enthusiasm and sharing around the hits that marked the heyday of this style that never seems to go out of fashion, on the contrary…

2 June 2024 at the Shoah Memorial

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide, the Memorial has been organising a number of historical, literary and musical events over the past few months, as well as an exhibition. On 2 June, starting at 2.30pm, the words of survivors will be shared, following an introduction by historian Marcel Kabanda. Among those taking part will be survivors Yvonne Foucaud, Marie-Ange Rutayisire (author of ‘Pourquoi j’ai toujours peur des chiens’), Révérien Rurangwa (author of ‘Génocidé’) and Esther Mujawayo (author of ‘SurVivantes’).

Mémorial de la Shoah | Boutique en ligne (

8 June 2024 at the House of Yiddish Culture

A Book Fair will bring together a host of authors and translators, including Sylvie-Anne Goldberg, Annette Wieviorka, Talila, Virginie Linhart and Michael Sibony, Robert Bobert, Henri Raczymov, Arnaud Bikard, Magali Bertrand, Carole Mann, Elise Golberg, Bernard Suchecky, Katia Faber-Simbler and Ami Flammer. There will also be a number of publishing houses, including Editions Bibliothèque Medem, Editions de L’Antilope and Editions Lior. There will also be a book-signing session and a second-hand book sale.

Le livre en fête (en présentiel) –

Until 1 December 2024 at the MAHJ

The museum is hosting an installation by Raphaël Denis on the spoliation of works of art during the Occupation. The artist brings together, in chronological order according to when they were photographed, all the photographed works belonging to the great gallery owner Paul Rosenberg. These volumes were presented in 2019 at the Centre Pompidou, during the exhibition ‘Paul Rosenberg, art dealer looted under the Occupation’.

Raphaël Denis. Fonds Rosenberg, les années parisiennes | Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme (

From 11 to 12 June 2024 at JEM Copernic

The theme chosen for this night of Shavuot is ‘Am Israel Haï’, marking the famous Jewish resilience, the will to make life triumph over mortifying wills. Speeches by Rabbis Jonas Jacquelin and Philippe Haddad and cheesecake tastings will enliven this sweet, long night.

Nuit d’études Chavouot 5784 : Copernic – Judaïsme En Mouvement (

From 11 to 12 June 2024 at JEM Beaugrenelle

On 11 June at 7.30pm, the public will be welcomed until the early hours of the morning of 12 June, concluding the many discussions with a service and breakfast. The programme will include a concert by the Shira Ve Sim’ha choir, talks by Rabbis Delphine Horvilleur and Yann Boissière and a presentation by Judith Cohen Solal and Jonathan Hayoun of their book on Jewish humour. 

Nuit d’études Chavouot 5784 : Beaugrenelle – Judaïsme En Mouvement (