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Vincennes – Saint-Mandé

Synagogue of Vincennes. Photo by GFreihalter – Wikipedia

Built in 1907 thanks to patron Daniel Iffla Osiris, the   Céline-Robert synagogue was the work of architect Victor Tondu. On the purchased plot are built the house of the rabbi and the synagogue. Roof terraces were chosen at the time to soberly decorate the exteriors.

A vestibule leads to the prayer hall and provides access to the women’s floor. In a fairly classic cantilever at the time. Lighting and woodwork are the main elements of interior decoration.

Following the arrival of many Parisian Jews since the end of the 20th century, mainly Sephardic, a second synagogue has been built on the site. The community of Saint-Mandé – Vincennes has grown in recent years, notably following the numerous displacements of populations linked to the resurgence of anti-Semitism in certain districts of Paris or cities of the region.