Italy / Friuli Venezia Giulia

San Daniele del Friuli

San Daniele. Photo by Diego Cruciat – Wikipedia

Administrative documents attesting to the Jewish presence since at least the 16th century. Texts referring to Jewish bankers and doctors working in the city.

Over time, these professions diversified, particularly in agriculture, silkworm cultivation and crafts. A synagogue was inaugurated in 1731. And four years later, the Jewish community bought land to place a    cemetery.

Among the personalities of San Daniele, the long line of Luzzatto, originating in Venice in 1600 and whose members of the family will distinguish themselves along the centuries in various fields. Among them, Letizia Luzzatto, the poets Ephraïm and Isaac Luzzatto.

Following the expulsion from this Venetian territory in 1777, as the city did not have a ghetto, Jewish presence was prohibited there. At the beginning of the 20th century a small Jewish community was reconstituted in San Daniele.