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Piazza San Giacomo, Udine. Photo de Gian77 – Wikipedia

Udine is an ancient Roman city, later also known for its university, palaces and museums. The Jewish presence dates back to 1299. The community grew, but the first restrictive measures were imposed in the 1420s, especially on their residence rights. Although expelled once in 1462, some Jews were still able to work in the city.

The Jewish cemetery dates from the beginning of the 15th century when the land was bought by members of the community. The final expulsion was decided in 1556. It was not until the arrival of the French at the end of the 18th century that the Jews could return to Udine.

In the 1840s, the Jewish community consisted of about 100 people. They had a synagogue, located in the present  Porta Manin . At that time they acquired a new  cemetery , in the village of San Vito, which was used until the present day.

The Jewish population gradually decreased from 112 in 1840 to 88 in 1931. The Jewish community of Udine is nowadays attached to that of Trieste.

Sources : Jewish Itineraries (de Silvio G. Cusin et Pier Cesare Ioly Zorattini)

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