Italy / Emilia-Romagna


Synagogue of Modena

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 41121 Modena

Synagogue of Modena © Wikimedia Commons (Dino246, cc-by-2.5)

Modena’s former Jewish quarter became the ghetto in 1638. The narrow medieval streets have been completely opened up, widened during the vast renewal projects of the early twentieth century that give the city its appearance today.

A beautiful oriental-style synagogue stands in the Piazza Mazzini, which is located on part of the former ghetto. Constructed between 1869 and 1873 on plans by Ludovico Maglietta, the synagogue has a double facade: one opens onto the Piazza Mazzini, the other onto Piazza Coltellini. Inside, the circular prayer hall is surrounded by a colonnade of Corinthian columns that support the women’s gallery.