Community Center of Malmö

Kamrergatan 11 - 211 56 Malmö

Synagogue of Malmö

Rörsjöstaden, Malmö, Suède

Community Center of Lund

Winstrupsgatan 1, 22222 Lund

Community Center of Helsingborg

Springpostgränden 4, 25112 Helsingborg

Danish Jews evacuated during the Nazi occupation arrived by boat in Malmö thanks to Count Folke Bernadotte. Some Jews died after their arrival and are buried in the city cemetery, where a monument honors their memory.

A Jewish community (originally made up of German Jews) was established in this city on the Baltic coast facing Copenhagen in 1871, shortly after the emancipation. It now numbers 1200 members. Its  community center, partially financed from German reparations, was built in 1962. An  Orthodox synagogue continues to function on the Föreningsgatan at the corner of the Betaniaplan. Built in 1903 in an eastern style, the synagogue is crowned by an onion dome reminiscent of Orthodox churches.

Malmö’s Jewish community carries out its activities in two suburban centers: the  community center in Lund, which houses the Institute for Jewish Culture, is used only for holidays, while  Helsingborg’s community center is always open. The Jewish community centers of Landskrona and Kristianstad, on the other hand, have been closed since the early 1990s. The interior decorations and furniture of Kristianstad’s synagogue are now being used by a Scandinavian community living in Raanana, Israel.