France / Lorraine


Synagogue of Metzervisse. Photo by Aimelaime – Wikipedia

The Jewish presence in the city and in the area probably dates from the 9th century. But it persisted much later in a more structured way, in the 16th century.

The following century, we find traces of Jewish families from Metzervisse.

Small synagogues are springing up in the region, but in Metzervisse, as elsewhere, they are generally located behind buildings by local pressure to keep quiet.

The Metzervisse  synagogue was built in the middle of the 18th century. Destroyed, walls have survived on which we can distinguish religious elements, in particular the Holy Arch and the mikve.

Mikve of Metzervisse. Photo by Aimelaime – Wikipedia

Metzervisse’s  Jewish cemetery is located at the entrance to the village. Numerous tombs, especially of certain large families, attest to the part played in the history of the city by the Jewish population during the different eras.

The French Revolution enabled the emancipation and growth of the Jewish population of Metzervisse, as it did at the same time in the rest of the region and of the country.

If it constituted for a time 17% of the general population, the number is declining rapidly. A trend it also followed in the 20th century.