The Centre-Val de Loire region is of course famous for its châteaux on the banks of the Loire, but also for its cathedrals, particularly those at Chartres, Orléans, Tours and Bourges.

The Jewish presence in the region is very old. It appears to date back to the 6th century in Bourges and Tours, and the 12th century in Chinon. Recent archaeological digs in Châteauroux also attest to this, as does the intellectual activity of the Tossafists in Dreux.

Later in history, this cultural heritage – the Rue aux Juifs in Chartres – inspired a novel by Zola. The region is also marked by the Second World War, with homage paid to the Righteous, such as a nurse in Tours, but also to deputy and minister Jean Zay in Orléans, as well as the creation of a Resistance, Deportation and Remembrance Centre in Blois.